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Posted by on May 11, 2016 in A Taste of Camarillo, TOC Blog | 0 comments

Four Festival Accessories You Need to Know About

Four Festival Accessories You Need to Know About

It’s May, and soon June will be here. What does that mean? It means Summer, and Summer means wine, beer, tequila and food festivals! If you’ve attended these festivals before, you probably have accumulated a number of plates and keepsake glasses, cups or shot glasses from the events. For those unfamiliar, your ticket purchase to the festivals typically include these items. For all you “professional” festival goers, here are four accessories you should consider bringing to this year’s round of festivals to take your wine, beer, tequila or food tastings to the next level!


Wine Glass Holder Necklace

How do you juggle holding a plate of food, eating and finishing your wine so you can move on to the next tasting? A wine glass holder necklace (also called a lanyard) will give you the freedom to enjoy your food while moving around to socialize with friends, winemakers and chefs with the peace of mind that your wine glass isn’t going to be left behind, fall and break, or prevent you from taking another oh-delicious sip.

via Steezypack

Water Bottle Fanny Pack

If you are attending a festival like A Taste of Camarillo Wine, Brew & Food Festival you will do more than taste wine, beer and gourmet food. You will be tapping your feet to live music or most likely, hitting the dance floor. This water bottle fanny pack will serve two purposes: 1) you have a place to store the free water bottles provided at the festival and keep hydrated and 2) you have all of your essentials but fewer things to hold onto while you eat, drink and dance! With the growing popularity of festivals, fanny packs have made a comeback and they now come in trendy designs.

via Minnetonka Moccasin

Fold-up Leather Hat

Protecting yourself from the sun is extremely important at outdoor festivals, but sometimes the day shifts back and forth between sunny and cloudy or it could become windy. What do you do if your hat bothers you or if you no longer need it? Holding your hat would add to your juggling act and hold you back from a comfortable tasting experience. Lucky for you, Minnetonka Moccasin makes a portable leather hat that folds up to fit inside your pocket or bag. Still not convinced? This hat is designed to easily spring back to its original shape. It also gets bonus points for being fashionable, so say goodbye to visors!



Portable Utensils

It’s a nice sunny day, you made it to the front of the line for a food tasting made by your favorite chef. Suddenly, you are struck by tragedy as your plastic fork falls to the ground – the very dirty ground. Sure, you could use your hands, an extra napkin, or go back in line and grab another fork. Sometimes they run out, and sometimes you don’t have the time. Well, none of that matters if you bring along your portable stainless utensil set, complete with chopsticks, fork, spoon and a travel pouch. If you are clumsy or planning to get a little tipsy at the next wine, beer and food festival, your own set of utensils should be on your festival packing list.

Whatever you decide to pack to your next festival, don’t miss A Taste of Camarillo Wine, Brew & Food Festival on July 31st, 2016. For more information visit Early Bird discount tickets are available until May 31st. Regular ticket prices resume June 1st.

No Children/No One Under 21 will be admitted to these events.

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