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Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Holiday Blog, Homes for the Holidays | 0 comments

Love Pumpkin? Here Are 6 Unique Uses for Pumpkin

Though the weather is still warm, it is definitely Fall. A number of pumpkin patches have popped up overnight, and we are glad to see them! Maybe it’s too early for pumpkin pie but that doesn’t mean that that we’re not already enjoying them in our pumpkin spice lattes and pumpkin pancakes. We simply cannot deny our love for pumpkin! We did some research and found 6 unique uses for pumpkin. From DIY beauty products to holiday ornaments, there are many things for pumpkin-lovers to enjoy. Keep reading to see what we found.

1.  Pumpkin-Honey Baking Soda Scrub (via Brit + Co): After plenty of sun exposure this Summer it’s time to take care of our skin. Try this pumpkin scrub to help exfoliate and brighten your skin. And yes, it works for sensitive skin!

PumpkinFigure 1: Courtesy of

2.  Pumpkin Seed Necklaces (via Activity Village): Carving pumpkins? Roast some pumpkin seeds for snacks and save the rest to have fun craft time with the kids!

pumpkin_seed_necklace_closeupFigure 2: Courtesy of

3. Spiced Pumpkin Seed Brittle (via sophistimom): Don’t want to be the 5th person to bring pumpkin pie to Thanksgiving dinner this year? Stand out this year by making this delicious treat!

brittleFigure 3:

4. Pumpkin Bird Feeder (via Martha Stewart): Do you enjoy spending time with your flying backyard visitors? Make a unique bird feeder that is fitting for the Autumn season and offers a lovely sight when they drop in for a meal.

Pumpkin Bird Feeder_xl

Figure 4: Courtesy of

5. Pumpkin Seed Poinsettia Brooches or Ornaments (via Aunt Annie): Get a head start on decorating your tree or making handmade gifts for your family, friends and co-workers by making these creative pumpkin seed poinsettia brooches or ornaments. These are unique and beautiful!


Figure 5: Courtesy of

6. Pumpkin Planters (via HGTV): Want something more for your front porch than jack o’ lanterns? Try decorating your front yard and porch with pumpkin planters. If you love pumpkins, try this idea and you can keep them past Halloween without feeling stuck in the past!

plantersFigure 6: Courtesy of

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